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The Providence Plan — Spotlighting the Quality & Safety Strategic Direction

The Providence Plan — Spotlighting the Quality & Safety Strategic Direction

Since launching in June last year, communication about the Providence Plan has largely focused on laying the foundation of the strategic planning process and building high-level organizational awareness of our five strategic directions and three foundational strategies.

We are continuing this momentum by building more detailed organizational awareness and engagement around the individual strategic directions and foundational strategies.

Each month, we will focus on a different strategic direction or foundational strategy. This month, we spotlight Quality & Safety and will be featuring the Care Experience in June.

Much of the work under the Quality & Safety strategic direction is already underway as part of the great care Providence continues to provide to our patients and residents. This phase of the communications strategy provides us an opportunity to further spotlight this strategic direction.

Quality & Safety

Providing safe, exceptional care is at the heart of everything we do. This can only be realized by continually finding ways to improve the quality and safety of the care we provide to our patients and residents.

Today, our focus is on providing standardized, evidence-based care using tools such as the Surgical Safety Checklist, while maintaining rigor in preventing infections using simple steps such as hand hygiene.  We see these as examples of activities that are critical to delivering exceptional care.

The Quality & Safety Strategic Direction is comprised of two strategic aims which are supported by key objectives. While these objectives may evolve as the Providence Plan is deployed over time, the two strategic aims will remain constant.

Quality & Safety means that:

We ensure that our patients and residents experience no needless harm by:
Aim one: Reducing adverse events impacting our patients and residents.

We provide the right care to the right patient and resident every time by:
Aim two: Standardizing care protocols and processes based on best practices.

Here are some examples of our Quality & Safety objectives:

* Implement guidelines and pathways based on evidence-based best practices such as COPD, Stroke, Sepsis, etc.
* Reduce rate of unexpected mortality
* Reduce nosocomial infection rates
* Reduce harm from falls
* Increase safety culture scores

Resources and Tools

We have developed Quality & Safety resources and tools to support you in this planning process:

* Quality & Safety backgrounder - Look for it in PHC News next week and on the Quality & Safety Resource Page.  Answers the most frequently asked point of care staff questions about the Quality & Safety strategic direction. This can be used as a tool to support your planning discussions and conversations with staff.

* Quality & Safety Poster:  For posting on your unit/area/program/clinic. A visual reminder of the twin aims of the Quality & Safety strategic direction.  Click here for the poster

* Quality & Safety Logos: We encourage you to use them in your own presentations, memos, agendas and strategic planning work. They serve as a visual cue to align your local strategies to a PHC strategic direction. Click here for the logo

* Quality & Safety Driver Diagram: This is an effective tool for understanding how a broad aim (outcome statement) is broken down into increasing levels of detailed actions that could be done to achieve the stated aim. Click here to see the Driver Diagram

* Quality & Safety Resource Page (accessible from home and on mobile devices)


For questions about the Quality & Safety Strategic Direction, please contact:
Camille Ciarniello, Director, Risk Management, Patient Safety & Patient Relations at 604-806-8879.  Vishal Chaudhry, Director, Quality Improvement, Utilization Management and Accreditation at 604-682-2344 x66954

For questions about the Providence Plan, please contact:
Josephine Jung, Director, Strategic Planning at 604-806-8565.