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St. Paul's Ambulatory Care Model

St. Paul's Ambulatory Care Model

Last month, over 200 staff, patients and physicians took the opportunity to walk through physical scale models of rooms in the proposed ambulatory care building at St. Paul’s Hospital.
Bringing concepts to life
It’s hard to visualize a 3D space from a 2D floorplan. The mocked-up rooms helped breathe life into the concepts from our business plans and gave people a tangible feel for how a space felt and flowed.
The sample rooms (including sample exam rooms, infusion and dialysis spaces, a medium-sized OR) were constructed out of drywall and cardboard, and were set up in an empty space in the Comox building.
In each room type, photos of similar rooms in other care facilities were posted on the walls. Furniture and medical equipment was brought in to help provide a sense of the scale, functionality and flow.
Best practices from around the world
We are putting the latest best practices into work with the planned ambulatory care building. Here are two (of many) key ideas guiding the planning and design of the rooms and building.
The idea is to have as few fixed elements in the room as possible. Having elements movable increases the long term flexibility of the space, and its opportunity to be repurposed and reorganized as needs of the clients, community and organization changes.
Interdisciplinary collaboration
The physical spaces are being planned to encourage and facilitate team communication and collaboration. This includes planning for separation of the flows between patient and provider. The separate clinician space provides an area where clinicians can speak privately and collaborate in planning and providing treatment for the patient.
Moving forward
The redevelopment team continues working on detailed project plans for the proposed ambulatory care building and the overall master plan for the St. Paul’s Hospital site campus. We recently released an RFP for architects to develop a design for the proposed ambulatory care building and look forward to this next design phase of the project.

More info about the St. Paul’s Hospital Redevelopment Project can be found on PHC connect pages

Get in touch: redevelopstpauls@providencehealth.bc.ca