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St. Paul's Addiction Consult Team

St. Paul's Addiction Consult Team

About the team: excellence, expertise, education
The PHC Addiction Consult Team is striving to be a national leader in early intervention and treatment for substance use disorders. We provide evidence-based care and treatment from experts in Addiction Medicine.

  • Our care is based on the principles of compassion, social justice and evidence-based treatment.
  • Expert physicians with extensive Addiction Medicine experience and training, complemented by a team of dynamic Fellows, allied professionals and support staff.
  • Our team has developed relationships with external treatment providers to ensure optimal care when patients are discharged.
  • Full service coverage – 7 days a week, all year round.

When to consult
All patients should be screened for substance use: including tobacco, alcohol and other substances. All patients who disclose tobacco, alcohol or prescription/illicit substance use, and who have a desire to cut down or quit their use, may benefit from being followed. 

There is excellent evidence that screening, followed by an Addiction Medicine consultation, improves patient outcomes. 

Consult team for:

  • Expert advice on treating substance use.
  • Improving patient insight and readiness to change.
  • Opiate withdrawal, maintenance, and replacement therapies.
  • Problematic tobacco or alcohol use.
  • Stimulant Use. 

Home to the St. Paul’s Hospital Goldcorp Fellowship in Addiction Medicine
The team is home to the St Paul’s Hospital Goldcorp Fellowship in Addiction Medicine – Canada’s first interdisciplinary Addiction Medicine fellowship training program. The Fellowship strives for excellence in clinical training, scholarship, research and advocacy. In addition to senior trainees, nurses and other house staff will be on the units learning about addiction medicine, making PHC a leader in addiction medicine education nationally. 

Contact Scott Harrison: sharrison@providencehealth.bc.ca