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SPH Parkade Updates

SPH Parkade Updates

On April 23rd the new pay-by-stall system was launched in the St. Paul’s Hospital parkade, making the chronic queuing issues that regularly occurred with old gated system a thing of the past.

Thanks to a very successful collaboration with Advanced Parking, Integrated Protection Services and Providence Health Care, the parkade has undergone an extensive renovation including updated signage and infrastructure, a brighter more welcoming environment and the creation of dedicated spaces for patients. In order to make room for the dedicated patient stalls, over 100 staff were moved offsite to nearby parkades with guaranteed, favorably-priced spots for St. Paul’s staff.

“We’ve got patients flowing in and out, all day long,” says Don Wills, Director, Support Services. “It’s really a success for our patients and visitors who no longer have to worry about being late for an appointment or walking considerable distances when they are unwell or in an emotionally vulnerable state.”

Since the launch of the new system, 20 additional spots have been re-allocated back to daily pay stalls for staff and a 30 hour staff rate has been added to parking options.

Did you know?
The new St. Paul’s Hospital parkade now features:
- A parking meter in the St. Paul’s Hospital lobby, so users can add time without going down to the parkade
- Electric vehicle stall
- Roving service ambassador 8-4pm
- Reinforced bike cage
- Retrofitted meters in the parkade that accept new coins

For more information on how to get a daily pay parking hanger or information on alternate parking availability, please contact parking@vch.ca.