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Referrals to the Heartwood Centre for Women

Referrals to the Heartwood Centre for Women

Heartwood Centre for Women

Heartwood, a residential treatment program in Vancouver, is a provincial tertiary 30-bed resource for women with substance dependence, mental health concerns (including trauma) and primary health and/or chronic disease issues.

The average length of stay in the program is 90 days. The program provides a safe treatment environment for women to establish a solid foundation of recovery; stabilize their health concerns and plan for ongoing supported recovery in their community following discharge.

Inclusion criteria: • Current substance dependence • BC females (including transgendered women) ages 19+

Generally women who will be accessing this program will have substance dependence with other co-morbidities including mental health issues and physical health concerns. Community based treatment services have not been effective or perhaps unavailable for this group of women.

Referral Process – Central Access & Discharge

All referrals to tertiary mental health and addiction resources for VCH and PHC, including the Burnaby Centre, PICU and Heartwood Centre for Women, are centralized through Central Access and Discharge led by Jenny Hamilton-Harding.

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Questions Contact Jenny Hamilton Harding, Central Access and Discharge Leader, VCH at Jenny.Hamiltonharding@vch.ca or Telephone: 604-714-3771 ext. 2270