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Physician Ethics Fellowship

Physician Ethics Fellowship

Dr. Jocelyn Chase is the successful PHC candidate for the Physician Ethics Fellowship for 2018.
A capacity building partnership between Ethics Services and Medical Affairs, the Physician Ethics Fellowship is a unique opportunity for a Medical Doctor to gain advanced training and experience in healthcare bioethics in both clinical and organisational settings. In addition to a structured ethics curriculum, the successful candidate participates actively in an ethics consultation service, under ethics faculty supervision. Additionally, the Ethics Fellow participates in conferences, retreats and teaching opportunities with multidisciplinary teams and clinical trainees.
Dr. Jocelyn Chase is a staff Geriatrician at Saint Paul's Hospital whose practice of caring for vulnerable frail older adults has sparked a deep interest in medical ethics.
She is currently completing a Masters of Science in Bioethics from Columbia University, New York. Her area of interest is the interaction between technical medicine and the human experience in healthcare. Jocelyn is an accomplished teacher, receiving most recently the 2015 & 2016 Honour Roll for Clinical Teaching Excellence in the UBC Department of Medicine.
Dr. Chase now joins PHC’s Ethics Services as a Fellow for approximately one day a week this year. She will be supervised by Dr. Anita Ho (Interim Ethics Director) and Jenny Young (PHC Ethicist). She will also work collaboratively with Ashley Payne, in her role as MAiD Response Lead.