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PHC Patient Safety Culture Survey

PHC Patient Safety Culture Survey



Within the last two months you should have received a copy of the Providence Health Care Patient Safety Culture Survey.  This is a very important tool which is used to by the organization to help us better understand where we need to focus our efforts to help create a positive environment that supports safe, quality patient and resident care.

Our first Patient Safety survey was completed in 2007 and we had 26.7% of staff/physicians respond. In 2010 that number rose to 31.6%. So far this year we have a response rate of only 18%.

The more people that answer the survey, the more meaningful the information we are able to use moving forward. Accepting the opinions of 18% of our staff as a representation of all of PHC is the equivalent of asking the citizens of Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan to decide what Canada’s priorities should be in the coming years. There would be a lot of unhappy people in that case!

It only takes about 8 minutes, with the option of filling out a paper form or completing the survey on-line. In either case you will need your unique access code. If you’ve lost your access code (or the entire envelope and contents!) a reminder postcard is on its way to your house or preferred mailing address, and you can use that to complete your survey on-line.

Feel free to contact Camille Ciarniello directly if you have any questions or concerns  cciarniello@providencehealth.bc.ca or 604-806-8879.