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Parking Changes at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

Parking Changes at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

The parking lot has at MSJ been refreshed with new parking line striping, stall numbering for each stall, new meters and new parking signage. 

The parking system has been transitioned from a “pay and display” system, to a more user friendly “pay by stall” system. This means that a visitor/patient parks their vehicle, remembers their stall number, and then proceeds to one of the parking meters to make payment. They are no longer required to return to their vehicle to place the receipt on their dashboard. The new parking meters will also allow visitors/patients to make payment by phone and to “top up” their parking if they find more time is needed. 

Physician Only reserved parking stalls near the emergency entrance are marked with orange squares behind the stall numbers. Physicians must continue to display their blue PHC parking hanger. 

Click here for the map of the parking lot

Visitor/Patient - only parking has been created in those areas closer to hospital entrances, providing easier access wherever possible. Signage and pavement markings (blue squares behind the stall numbers) clearly mark the stalls exclusively reserved for visitors/patients.

Day care drop off stalls are marked with green squares in the area in front of the hospital’s emergency entrance. 

Staff Parking is permitted in any other numbered stall on the site that does not have a coloured marking behind the stall number. MSJ employees are requested to park only in staff parking stalls and to continue to display their maroon PHC parking hangers. 

If additional information about the parking changes at MSJ is required, our parking administration office may be contacted at parking@vch.ca or by phone at 604.875.4832.