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November MAC Notes

November MAC Notes

MAC Notes 
Providence Health Care Medical Advisory Committee
November 2012

HIV Acute Care Testing
Mr. Scott Harrison and Ms. Afshan Nathoo presented an update on the HIV Acute Care Testing and noted that in the first year, 15% of SPH admissions and 24% of MSJ admissions had accepted an HIV test.  The positive rate at 0.7% of those tested is six times the new diagnosis rate observed over the prior year.  A totally of 4,298 HIV tests have been completed across SPH, MSJ and VGH, producing an overall positive rate of 0.5% 

IPAC Annual Report
Dr. Marc Romney presented the 2011-2012 IPAC Annual Report. Amongst the results were a fourth quarter 2011/12 overall hand hygiene rate of 80%.  The IPAC Annual Report is available on-line at http://www.providencehealthcare.org/about_accountability.html

Quality Activities
Dr. Jonathon Leipsic sent a letter to all Division Heads reiterating the importance of reporting their ongoing QA activities in their Department/ Division.

Flu Vaccinations
Two nurses were present at the MAC meeting to give members their flu shots.  Members are urged to remind their medical staff to have this done before December 01 and comply with the Province-wide, MAC-endorsed policy on flu vaccinations.

Residents’ Negotiations
Dr. Moore announced that the residents have ratified their agreement. As part of this agreement, Residents will be deemed 100% essential in their work and learning at PHC in the event of any job action.

Inter Site Transfer Process
Dr. Moore brought forward an item from the HAMAC meeting.  The medical reconciliation process that has been agreed to will be going forward to facilitate this process between sites.

Nurse Practitioners
Dr. Moore noted that three NPs will be coming to SPH as part of the Ministry increase in NP funding.  New Provincial regulation gives NPs the right to admit and discharge.  A sub-committee will be created to tackle the credentialing process and workload issues associated with these new positions. 

Patient Transfer Network
The members were informed that there will be some changed to BC Bedline, transforming it to a new entity called the Patient Transfer Network.  A representative from BC Bedline will be asked to present these changes at a future MAC meeting.

Presentation Format for Guests
It was decided that all future MAC guests will need to follow the same format for presentation at MAC.  They will need to complete an SBAR, with a maximum of five slides in five minutes. 

Also at the MAC…

Ms. Dianne Doyle, President & CEO, gave a brief power-point update on: Strategic Directions; Regional Programs; Flu vaccinations; Strategic Planning Update; and Clinical / Operational Topics.  Her report was circulated in advance.
Dr. Ron Carere, Vice President of Medical Affairs, discussed the expansion of Regional Departments between VCH and PHC.  There was some discussion on the subject, and he requested that Members send him any feedback or concerns with regards to Regional Departments.

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