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New SSC Fees

New SSC Fees

The Specialist Services Committee (SSC) – a joint committee of the BC Medical Association and Government - is implementing two new initiatives to support Specialist Physicians providing enhanced care planning for patients.  Both fees will be effective June 1, 2012.

A new SSC fee premium (G78717) Specialist Discharge Care Plan for Complex Patients (extra: $75) is intended to support clinical coordination of complicated patients being discharged who require community support upon discharge and are otherwise at risk of readmission. The fee is applicable to the Most Responsible Physician coordinating the hospital discharge for a complex patient with a stay greater than four days. The fee premium requires, among other services, a written discharge care plan for the patient and communication with the patient’s primary health care provider.

A new SSC fee premium (G78720) Specialist Advance Care Planning (extra: $40) is intended to support discussions with patients regarding advance care planning, development of advance care plans, and coordination with a patient’s primary health care provider. The fee is applicable for advance care planning with patients with a chronic medical illness or complex co-morbidities, and a deteriorating quality of life or end-stage disease state.

For more details on the new fees and additional supporting information, please visit the SSC website: www.sscbc.ca.  Or, you may contact:

Kelly McQuillen, Specialist Services Committee Government Co-chair
A/Executive Director, Primary Health Care and Specialist Services Branch
T:  250.952.2635