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MAC Notes

MAC Notes

Respect at Work: 
Mr. Thomas Salley and Ms. Lori Charvat presented on Respect at Work.  There is an organizational-wide roll out of the new Respect policy.  It is important the MAC is aware of and supportive of this policy. It was noted that several years ago, MAC worked with the Medical Staff Association to develop the Code of Conduct that is a component of our Medical Staff Rules.

Upcoming Changes to Transcription / Dictation System: 
Ms. Melodie Yong, Dr. John Stockton and Ms. Jay Van Brunt presented on the upcoming changes.   A new vendor M-Modal has been contracted.  The process will be standardized across all 4 Lower Mainland entities with a common access number and the ability to link with Excelleris.  There was a concern raised regarding the inability to review dictations.  

Infection Prevention & Control Committee: 
A request to remind all staff to wash their hands. 

Department of Family & Community Medicine quality initiatives: 
Dr. Diana Barrigar highlighted the items from her report.

Flu Policy:   
The membership was asked to remind their staff to get vaccinated or they will be required to wear a mask for the duration of flu season.
Congratulations to the staff in the Divisions / Departments for reaching 100% compliance, and thanks to everyone for their hard work.  

Process for Dispute Resolution: 
A. Levelt noted that the process has been reviewed.  There was some question with regard to the Regional Heads’ role, and whether there should be an addition to the algorithm to add a step to go to the VP.  Conflicts of interest should be declared. 

Department Head Searches:    
An update was provided regarding the search for the Heads of the Departments of Family and Community Medicine, Psychiatry and Medicine.

CST Update: 
David Byres announced that Ms. Barbara Trerise will be returning to PHC as the new Executive Sponsor for CST.  This was sent out in a memo from Ms. Dianne Doyle’s office.  They are currently in the design and build phase and will require physician participation in this phase.

PSALM Update: 
Dr. Carere noted that the January meeting was cancelled due to holidays.  Dr. Bob Sindelar will be presenting on the Health Academic Centre at the next meeting in February.  There was an invitation for physicians to attend a P4P discussion (Pay for Performance) on January 22nd.  

HAMAC Update: 
It was announced that Dr. John Maynard is the new HAMAC Chair.  Other topics discussed at the HAMAC meeting that morning were CST and suggest orders on order sheets.

Medical Staff Nametags: 
The policy update on professional image will now include the standardization of all medical staff wearing name tags.  This does not replace the ID badges, but to be used in conjunction with their badges.  

Appointment of Clinical Trainees & Observers: 
A. Levelt and Dr. Carere discussed the current scenarios of medical students, residents, fellows and IMG coming through SPH for non-UBC educational training.  Further discussion will be required so a sub-committee was struck.  Members will include: Medical Affairs, Dr. Man, Dr. Joa and requests will be sent to Dr. Amanda Hill and Dr. Maria Corral.

Essential Service Planning for Residents Update:
A. Levelt updated the members on the current status.  The request for 100% of residents during essentials service levels was rejected.  All submitted 2A forms will have to be revisited.  

President & CEO: 
Ms. Dianne Doyle gave a verbal update on key issues regarding:  P9 results; MoH & VCH P4P; elevator and electrical upgrades; accreditation; retirement of the VCH CEO; Regional Cardiac Program; Academic Health Science Centre; FHA Review; Mental Health Funding; Priority Health System Strategy meeting.

VP Medical Affairs:  
Dr. Carere reviewed the highlights from his report.