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MAC Notes

MAC Notes

MAC Meeting held October 2, 2012

Introductions and New MAC Members
Guest:  Mr. John Brozovich, the new VP for Mission, Ethics & Spirituality
New MAC member:  Dr. Peter Pare, Acting VP – Research & Academic Affairs, effective October 01, 2012 – December 31, 2012

Risk Manager Report
Ms. Camille Ciarniello was asked to present quarterly to MAC with her findings from the incident reports.

PAR BC Update
The members were updated on the results of the meeting with PAR BC.  The residents have been deemed 100% essential and they have a tentative agreement in place for their contract.

APP Funding
Ms. Levelt noted that there is a new application process for APP funding.  Physicians will need to meet as soon as possible as this discussion is being brought forward to PSSAC next week.  The members were asked to contact her to set up an appointment.

PSALM Executive Meetings
Dr. Carere advised that the PSALM executive committee is still looking for two members-at-large.  If other MAC members are interested in participating, they should contact Dr. Carere or Dr. Moore.

Physician Working Hours
Dr. Moore pre-circulated attachments that were presented at HAMAC regarding physician work hours.  Drs. Ayas, Reid, and Joa will be participating on the VCH committee and will be looking further into drafting these policies. 

Expired Leadership Terms
Dr. Moore brought forward some motions for extension, where the individuals have exceeded their maximum terms for a variety of reasons.  The following leadership extensions have been approved by MAC, and will be brought forward to the Board for approval:
* Dr. John Bowering – Head, Division of Cardiac Anesthesia, June 30, 2013
* Dr. Enid Edwards – Head, Department of Laboratory & Pathology, June 30, 2012
* Dr. Pierre Faber – Head, Department of Ophthalmology, March 31, 2014
* Dr. Sam Lichtenstein – Head, Division of Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery, April 17, 2014
* Dr. William MacDonald, Head – Division of Acute & Interventional Pain, June 30, 2013
* Dr. Elliott Weiss, Head – Division of Rehabilitation Medicine, June 30, 2013

Clinical Transformation Systems
The MAC supported a motion passed by the Department of Medicine reiterating the importance of electronic medical records. 

Also at the MAC…
Ms. Dianne Doyle, President & CEO, gave a verbal update on: Medical Staff Breakfast with the CEO; clinical systems and transformation project; Cardiac diversion; 2013/14 budget planning process; strategic plan and prioritization of organizational work; physician meeting with the Board of Directors; and SPH redevelopment
Dr. Ron Carere, Vice President of Medical Affairs, gave a verbal report on the next two Regional Departments (1) Laboratory & Pathology, and (2) Pediatrics.  He also noted changes to the legislation to enable NPs to admit and discharge patients.