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MAC Notes

MAC Notes

Meeting of September 11, 2012


Guests and new members of the MAC were introduced:

Mr. Dick Vollet, the new CEO for the PHC Foundation, and
Ms. Deborah Mitchell, Acting Director – Executive Services (covering Ms. Susan Sinnott’s maternity leave)

The new 2012/2013 MAC members are:

Dr. Murray Penner, Acting Head – Department of Orthopedics;
Dr. Elisabet Joa, Head – Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology;
Dr. Demetrios Sirounis, Physician Program Director – Critical Care; and
Dr. Andy Ignaszewski, Physician Program Director - Cardiology

Provincial Influenza Control Policy

Dr. Patty Daly, Vice President of Public Health & Chief Medical Health Officer, presented on the Provincial Influenza Control Policy.  A motion was carried unanimously for the MAC to support and strongly endorse this policy.

PAR BC Update

As the residents took a job action vote in April, the Labour Relations Board ordered the residents into Essential Service Planning.  There will be mediation next week with Medical Affairs and representatives from PAR BC.  The members were advised that should any of the other unions within the hospital go on strike, this will also affect the residents as they could be reduced to essential service levels.

Physician Working Hours

Dr. Randy Moore, Chair of the MAC, brought forward a policy that was presented at HAMAC regarding physician work hours.  This policy would limit physician working hours to help resolve fatigue-related issues.  HAMAC has created a working group to craft the details of this policy.  Volunteers from MAC were requested to participate on this committee.  Dr. Jock Reid and Dr. Elisabet Joa have volunteered.

New Division Heads

Upon approval at the next Board meeting:

Dr. Shaun MacDonald will be the new Acting Division Head for Vascular Surgery, Department of Surgery – PHC, effective July 01, 2012.
Dr. Brian Westerberg will be the new Division Head for Otolaryngology, Department of Surgery – PHC, effective September 01, 2012

Also at the MAC…

Ms. Dianne Doyle, President & CEO, gave a verbal update on: SPH Renewal; Physician Engagement; the announcement of the new Health Minister – Dr. Margaret MacDiarmid; ED and MHA External Report that has been completed; and the perfusionist shortage

Dr. Ron Carere, Vice President of Medical Affairs, noted that the PSALM committee is looking for two members-at-large for the 2012/2013 year and those who are interested should contact Dr. Moore.

Dr. Diana Barrigar, Medical Staff Executive, announced that Dr. Donna Smith has left PHC.  Therefore, the MSE are searching for a new executive member and asked the MAC to forward this request to their staff members.  The next PHC Quarterly Medical Staff meeting is scheduled for Monday, September 17th