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MAC Meeting Notes

MAC Meeting Notes

Notes from the Meeting - Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Mr. Dick Vollet, PHC Foundation President and CEO, and Mr. Chris Fisher, Foundation CFO, presented on SPH Foundation Fund raising priority process and achievements.  The Foundation achieved a record high level of donations in the past year approaching $20M.  A list of the priority projects update was distributed to the members. The foundation is available to meet and work with all interested groups and MAC members were encouraged to work with their programs and through their Program Vice Presidents to bring items forward. 

Guests from BC Bedline presented on the Patient Transfer Network. BC Bedline ends as of March 31 and the Patient Transfer Network will be implemented as of April 01.  Members will need to remind their areas of this change.  The PTN has introduced an integrated BC Ambulance and (former) BC Bedline service with nurse coordinators for acute patients and routine availability of Medical Transport advisors. Members noted past concerns with the transport of patients particularly at times misleading information and the need for better redirection when sites are at or over capacity.  It was noted that PTN is aware of these issues and anticipates being able to deliver a better and continuously improving service.   

The Pharmacy & Therapeutics Committee proposed changes to the current P&T Terms of Reference, which were reviewed.  It was noted that these are substantive and fundamentally change the relationship of the P&T which is a subcommittee of MAC to one that is essentially autonomous.  The MAC felt this change was too significant and indicated willingness to directly hear from the P&T leadership.  Dr. Moore will take back the concerns to the committee. 

The report from Medical Education Committee was accepted.  There were no reports from the Infection Prevention & Control Committee or Transfusion Committee this month.

Dr. Leipsic updated the members of the current projects for MAC Council for Excellence. 

Department of Radiology Peer Review Report: Dr. Leipsic’s report was pre-circulated for review.  Members to contact him if they have any questions regarding his report. 

Regional Department Update:  Dr. Carere noted that Letters of Interest have been received for 5 of the 6 Departments, with multiple strong candidates submitting letters of interest to most Departments. MAC will be kept informed of the ongoing process.

Accreditation – Funding for Physician Tracers Update:  Ms. Astrid Levelt advised the members that sessional funding has been approved for physician tracers and MAC members were encouraged to participate and inform their Department and Division members.  Those interested should contact her in Medical Affairs.

Sauder Leadership Course Update:  Dr. Carere noted that the dates have changed.  The 3-part course will now be held May 23-26; June 21-23; and September 13-15.

2013/2014 Budget Process:  Dr. Carere commented on budget challenges and updated the members on the more direct effect on Medical Affairs that has resulted in some termination of contracts and reductions of stipends.  Dr. Carere noted and appreciated the understanding of those affected directly or through their Departments and Programs. 

Changes in Leadership:

The MAC passed a motion to recommend to the Board of Directors, the appointment of Dr. Murray Penner as the Head for Department of Orthopedics - PHC, effective March 01, 2013 for a five (5) year term.

The MAC passed a motion to recommend to the Board of Directors the appointment of Dr. Dan Kalla as the Head for Department of Emergency Medicine – PHC.  It is recommended the start date be made retroactive, effective March 01, 2013 for a five (5) year term.

Credentialing for Other Health Authorities:  the SBAR was distributed to the members to amend the section of 3.3.3 of the PHC Medical Staff Rules to include physicians credentialed at PHSA facilities.

A motion was passed that, upon the recommendation of the PHC Department Head, if the applicant is currently a member of good standing of the VCH Medical Staff or PHSA Facilities, and has been so for a minimum of one year, a letter of reference from the Senior Medical Director may be accepted in lieu of the three letters of reference required in article 3.3.3.  Applicants who have been on the VCH Medical Staff or PHSA Facilities for less than one year must apply for appointment to the PHC Medical Staff as outlined in article 3.3.3.

MSI Role in ED Assessments:  There was some discussion as to whether MSI students should be making initial contact and assessments in the Emergency Department.  Both patient care and the implications on patient flow were noted.  All appreciate the need to balance an excellent training experience with excellent performance and service provision.  The topic was left for further consideration. 

Executive Reports were received from Ms. Dianne Doyle, President and CEO and Dr. Ron Carere, VP Medical Affairs

The next meeting is scheduled for April 02, 2013.