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Kudos to Biomedical Staff - Incident Response

Kudos to Biomedical Staff - Incident Response

To: All Providence Health Care Staff and Medical Staff

Re: Kudos to Biomedical Staff for Surrey Memorial Hospital Emergency Department Incident Response

The Surrey Memorial Hospital Emergency Department re-opened yesterday, after it was shut down following a major flood over two weeks ago.

The damage to equipment and systems was serious, and it took amazing efforts by numerous teams and support services working together to get ready for the reopening.

Lower Mainland Biomedical Engineering (BME)

a consolidated service led by Providence Health Care played a key role in the recovery and mitigation process and deserves immense commendation and recognition for its staff contributions.

From the first reports right up to re-opening day, BME staff made a huge difference in helping restore all systems and resume patient care. They worked particularly close with the Lower Mainland Diagnostic Imaging department, which is led by Vancouver Coastal Health.

BME staff assessed the initial damage very quickly, contacting the vendors of the affected devices and determining the most appropriate and expeditious means to restore operation to as many devices as possible. The work included emptying out and drying conduits that had water; replacing workstations that had been flooded; replacing water damaged cables; replacing parts and subsystems of flooded components; and a host of other activities.

This quick action saved considerable cost, and, more importantly, allowed a number of the existing devices to be returned to operational service.


staff helped organize other work groups to verify and/or evaluate damage where appropriate. This included getting the physicist to retest the computed tomography (CT) scanners after restoration to ensure radiation levels were safe; organizing the contractor for the radio frequency (RF) shielding of the MRI to evaluate and report on potential damage and remedy options; and working with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) service providers to resolve a host of issues.

By yesterday, both

CTs, all three digital radiology rooms, ultrasound, the interventional suite, and the RF room were back in service.

Please join me in thanking all BME staff for their amazing efforts. I would personally like to thank Chris Buck, Executive Director, BME, for his continued leadership; Jack Guo, Radiology Service Technologist, and Gordon Stuart, Radiology Service Technology, who were tireless in their efforts to work through many issues after the flooding. Also of note are the contributions from the Imaging service team at Surrey Memorial Hospital, led by Bruce Krishna; the clinical BME team under Dave Gilbert for their work in the ER, as well as BME directors Tim Koch and Ray Polak.

PHC is proud of the way the BME team responded to this serious event, and partnered closely with others to restore patient care to the Surrey Memorial Emergency Department. Thank you again.


Dianne Doyle, President and CEO
Providence Health Care