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Influenza Control Policy Announcement

Influenza Control Policy Announcement

Dear Colleagues and Physician Leaders,
With a goal of furthering the safety and well-being of patients, residents and clients in our care, the BC Ministry of Health, Provincial Health Authorities and Providence Health Care are moving to maximize the compliance rates for influenza vaccination among health care workers.
Based on advice from the Provincial Health Officer, PHC is implementing a new policy that requires all staff (including contracted staff), physicians and other medical staff, students and volunteers to receive an influenza vaccination as a condition of employment.  Those unable or unwilling to be vaccinated will be required to wear a mask during flu season to reduce the risk of transmission.
We are circulating the attached memo, Q&A and policy to all PHC caregivers, volunteers, contractors, physicians and all other medical staff.
The Q&A and policy will be available on the Occupational Health and Safety intranet site and the Policy and Manuals page, respectively.  You are encouraged to read the Q&A and the policy to be up-to-date on your responsibility to the policy, and ensure this information is made available to staff who may not have access to e-mail. 
At Providence, we all work to continuously improve the safety and quality of care provided so that our patients and residents achieve the best possible health outcomes.  Full participation in the upcoming vaccination campaign is important, it is the most effective measure known to minimize inadvertently infecting vulnerable patients and clients who have the greatest risk of complications and death from influenza.
Please distribute this information to medical staff in your Department and Program.   More information will come as we near the flu season.
Thank you for your cooperation on this important matter. 


Ronald G. Carere,
VP Medical Affairs