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Emergency Codes Update

Emergency Codes Update

Code White - Aggression

What is the definition of a Code White?

This code is designed to initiate a controlled team response to an emergency situation in which a patient, resident, client, family member or visitor is behaving in a potentially dangerous manner and the situation is beyond the ability of staff present to safely manage and control.  The Code White response may vary depending on the work site.

Who has the authority to call this code?

All staff have the authority to call this code.

How do you call a Code White?

* Dial “888” from the nearest phone and state: “Code White”, your site, your location, and your name.

* Confirm with the Call Centre that you heard the code.

What happens when you call a Code White?

* The Call Centre will:

1. Make a P.A. announcement “Code White – (location)”, 3 times.

2. Notify Security (except at Langara and Youville).

3. Log the call to ensure a record of all Code White calls.

* Security and/or the Code White Team will respond to the location of the code and determine if the Vancouver Police Department are to be called.

* At residential sites: if you can leave your work area, respond to the scene. Do not interfere; stand by quietly in a show of presence.