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Dictation/Transcription System

Dictation/Transcription System

The new M*Modal dictation/transcription system went live at all PHC sites effective March 5, 2014 starting with dictating authors whose last names were between A to L.

The remaining dictating authors whose last names are from M to Z will start on the new system on TUESDAY, APRIL 8, 2014.  Effective from 12:00 AM, April 8, 2014, all dictating authors at PHC will access the new dictation system in the following way:

1. Dial the “1-800” dictation access number: Externally 1-855-666-3240 or internally use the local 66868.
2. When prompted, enter your unique dictation ID (ie: your MSP billing # or previously generated PHC dictation ID from Transcription Services).
3. Dictate your report using the new standard work types, dictation prompts, and new facility codes where appropriate.
4. *After entering the patient’s visit number, the system will playback the complete visit number for your verification and correction if needed.*
5. Please state your full name (including the preceptor if applicable) as well as TWO patient identifiers: patient’s full name as well as the MRN # at the beginning of your dictation.
6. Please note that the specific clinic/area/individual standard text insert (STI) (formally known as “template”) will be transferred to the new system. Please clearly dictate at the beginning of your dictation when you want to use the STI.
7. You may now add your full professional credentials to each report if you so choose. You will however need to contact Transcription Services at transcriptionalerts2@vch.ca before adding this functionality to your reports.

Key Dictation Changes
1. Date of Service is now a required field in your dictation. If this field is not clearly stated, the actual Date of Dictation will be used.
2. All worktypes have been standardized across the lower mainland. Please see attached document for the new worktype codes that you will need to use.
3. Copies will be automatically sent to the dictating author and the family physician listed in the registration system.

New pocket dictation reference cards will be available at all sites: in Records Management, with your department administrative assistants, and on inpatient units/outpatient clinics. We have also attached electronic versions of the new reference card, which you can download to your personal handheld device.

Click here for PHC Dictation Cards

Clinicians using ChartScript MD
For those clinicians currently using this functionality, there will be no change. You will continue to use this template based system as you do now.

Dictation IDs
Dictating authors must not share their dictation IDs with other dictating authors. It is very important that every dictating author use only their own dictation ID. The new system does not support shared ID’s since it undermines voice recognition and future electronic signature processes. Physicians who currently have a unique dictation ID for the current system do not need to get a new dictation ID as they have already been transferred to the new system.

Medical trainees, residents, and fellows who do not yet have a dictation ID can obtain one through successful completion of the SCM training. To sign up or inquire about SCM training, please contact
pcistrainingrequest@providencehealth.bc.ca. We have been experiencing a high volume of medical trainees, residents, and fellows using their preceptor’s dictation ID. This practice is adding increased workload and will likely increase the turn around times for your reports.

Quality Assurance Process for Dictated Reports
Reports are "held" due to unidentifiable patient information, incomplete dictated STIs, inaccuracies/content requiring verification/blanks, etc. These reports are then reviewed by the QA analysts to ensure the correct information is captured before being released for distribution. If you are not able to locate a particular report, the report is likely in the QA process.

Editing of Reports
If you make a mistake keying in your dictation ID, facility code and/or worktype, please state your correction(s) at the beginning of the dictation or hang up and begin your dictation again.
Alternatively if you have required edits on a completed report, please provide your edits and fax the report to Transcription Services.

Report Distribution
Internally, printing practices will continue as per the current state. Transcribed reports will also continue to be viewable
via SCM.

Concurrent with the implementation of the new M*Modal dictation/transcription system, all transcribed reports will be distributed electronically via Excelleris. There will be no change to the content of reports, but you will notice a slight change to formatting and the Excelleris logo will be present on distributed reports.

Excelleris will initially provide faxed reports as per current practice; however, by the end of 2014, we are working towards replacing these fax reports with download functionality via Excelleris LaunchPad web portal as well as full integration to physicians’ EMRs. During 2014, laboratory and transcribed reports that are currently delivered by mail or courier will be completely phased out. The recent announcements by Canada Post regarding reductions in postal services and increase in costs reinforce the need for this change.

Initially, the focus will be on practices/clinics that rely on Canada Post, and then on practices/clinics receiving the highest volumes of paper. Excelleris, with the support of the health authorities, will be in touch with these practices/clinics shortly to schedule conversion from print to electronic distribution over the next few months.

For dictating authors who wish to integrate their practice’s EMRs with the Excelleris automated distribution functionality, and/or use the Excelleris LaunchPad web portal for viewing of transcribed reports either dictated or as a carbon copy recipient, please contact Excelleris directly at 1-866-728-4777.

Future Functionality
In the future, electronic signature functionality will be deployed for physicians who wish to use this option. Also, a front-end speech recognition (FESR) pilot project involving approximately 50 high volume dictators across PHC is being planned. Both of these initiatives will be reviewed with you in the coming months. If you are interested in either of these functionalities, please contact Naomi Brooks.

Support & Questions
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

For dictating authors who wish to integrate their practice’s EMRs with the Excelleris automated distribution functionality, and/or use the Excelleris LaunchPad web portal for viewing of transcribed reports either dictated or as a carbon copy recipient, please contact Excelleris directly at 1-866-728-4777.

Lower Mainland HIM Transcription Services
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Excelleris (Reports Delivery/Distribution)

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