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CST: Improving Patient Safety and Quality

CST:  Improving Patient Safety and Quality

Clinicians need easy access to accurate and consistent information. They also want confidence in knowing the guidelines, protocols, and order sets they rely on are evidence-informed and up to date.
As part of the CST project, our health organizations have aligned with Zynx Health to bring up-to-date evidence-informed decision making support to clinicians at the point of care.  We will not simply adopt the evidence provided but will have clinicians review the content for use in our clinical settings. Zynx Health also provides customizable templates and online collaboration tools that can expedite the time from order set and care plan development to use in the clinical environment.
On Tuesday July 16th, demonstrations of ZynxOrders were held. These demos were meant to be a brief introduction to just one of the tools that CST will use to support the workflow design and system build of a solution that supports safe, quality care in our organizations.
Last week, demonstrations on the functionality of Cerner were held; attendees had the chance to see the software that will enable our clinical and systems transformation in operation. 

Questions of the Week
How will we know whether this transformation is successful?

A Benefits Evaluation framework has been drafted to support the tracking and reporting of key quality indicators over time.  Benefits related to safety, accessibility, efficiency, effectiveness, and adoption are just some of the areas considered in this framework. Reductions in medication errors and improvements in the turnaround time from ordering a test to receiving the results are just two examples of indicators that will be monitored for improvement.

How can I get involved?

This fall, multiple Clinical Design Teams will be established with a cross section of roles from all three health organizations. These groups will work together to determine the clinical content and develop the workflows enabled by the new Cerner system. Participants will, in part, be selected based on their area of expertise as well as their ability to consider the broad needs of patients across our health organizations. The CST team is in the process of reviewing the design plan and the resources required to do this transformative work. Once this is finalized, we will be working with all three health organizations to populate the Design Teams. Please let your site leadership know of your interest in this opportunity. You can also let the Transformation Lead for your organization know that you would like to participate. Their email addresses are provided in this bulletin.

Questions about the Clinical and Systems Transformation Project can be directed to any of the Clinical Transformation Leads listed below.

Clinical Transformation Leads:
Grant McCullough, PHC

Vicky Crompton, PHSA

Karin Olson, VCH

Chief Medical Information Officers:
Dr. Bruce Long, VCH/PHC

Dr. Alain Gagnon, PHSA