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Clinical and Systems Transformation

Clinical and Systems Transformation

Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH), Providence Health Care (PHC), and the Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA) are excited to announce our joint partnership to enhance patient care through a new, common patient information solution. The CST initiative will help us achieve our common strategic vision of One Person. One Record. Better Health.

As you’re undoubtedly aware, we operate five separate patient information systems in our health organizations. Four of these systems are at end of life and cannot easily be upgraded or connected for greater data sharing. CST will leverage the existing Cerner platform used at BC C&W and St. Mary’s Hospital in Sechelt, incorporating best practice standards to enhance patient outcomes and delivering real-time health information to clinicians and researchers in a way our current heterogeneous systems do not now.

CST is more than a technology platform—it will transform the way practitioners care for patients.

Standardizing clinical systems and processes in all acute, ambulatory, and residential sites throughout the region will ensure you have a greater level of accurate and consistent patient information at the touch of your fingers. Access to this longitudinal view of a patient’s medical history across the continuum of care will also help with clinical decision making.

For instance, if a patient shows up at the emergency department at St. Paul’s Hospital complaining of stomach problems, the attending physician will be able to look up the patient’s file and know he was being treated at BC Cancer Agency. The physician will know the patient’s medical history, his treatment protocols, and his medications—all the critical information needed to determine an appropriate course of treatment for the current complaint.

The new system will enable clinicians and management to better manage and measure wait times as well as provide comparable and timely data for efficient resource management. It will also provide a more comprehensive view of health trends and treatment outcomes in the region.

PHSA, PHC, and VCH are entering into an agreement with IBM and its consortium partners (Deloitte, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and MaxIT) to provide project management and design, build, and implementation service for the new system. Clinicians in all three health organizations will be engaged in the standardization process.

If you have any questions about CST, please contact Rebecca Hahn, Project Director and Chief Transformation Officer at enable.health@phsa.ca