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Bloom - Where Healthy Ideas Grow

Bloom - Where Healthy Ideas Grow

Bloom is a digital dashboard that helps people inside and outside of Providence get to know us better. You can interact with Bloom using your favourite social media channel (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr) and the best part — you can contribute to an interactive discussion area about health issues and the care experience at Providence. As the people closest to Providence, when we (staff) discuss and share what’s happening on Bloom, our own circles of online friends and family will get to know us better. And then their friends and families will learn more, and so on!
President & CEO, Dianne Doyle had this to say: “The Sisters were the original social networkers. They knew that to serve their community well, they had to be out there talking to people. New digital technologies give us the chance to continue this old tradition in a new way.”

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Please make sure to familiarize yourself with PHC’s Social Media Policy and Guidelines (links below) before diving in. You can go directly to Bloom (bloom.providencehealthcare.org)
It’s easiest to enjoy Bloom on Google Chrome, which is now widely available to PHC staff. We know that lots of people need to use Internet Explorer 6 for clinical work purposes, but we strongly urge you to download Google Chrome and set it as an alternate browser to use. For mobile users, just join in, we’re ready to go!
As far as we know, we’re the first hospital-based organization in Canada to develop this kind of presence so please participate and help our online presence bloom!
Also, if you’re active online and would like to volunteer for our “Digital Ambassadors” committee, please send a request for information to Justin Karasick.

File links
PHC Social Media Policy (PDF)
PHC Social Media Guidelines (PDF)