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Accreditation Dates Are Set!

Accreditation Dates Are Set!

Nine surveyors, all of whom are senior health care professionals, will visit our acute and residential sites, ambulatory clinics, administrative sites and select community dialysis clinics to conduct the survey.

Over this past summer, our clinical teams completed Self Assessment Questionnaires and are now in the process of reviewing the results. We are also working to implement an internal tracer program that will complement the assessment process by ensuring staff readiness and compliance with Accreditation Canada’s standards.

A tracer is a process that follows the path of a patient/resident or an administrative process to observe our practices and gather evidence firsthand about the quality and safety of our care and services. It often includes discussions with staff/physicians/volunteers and/or patients/residents and their families about their care experience.

Using the tracer methodology, PHC will assess our compliance with the Accreditation Canada Standards of excellence, and better understand how well these key processes have been implemented throughout the organization. 

PHC will be running tracers every three months, with the initial phases as follows:

Phase 1: November 2012
Phase 2: February 2013
Phase 3: May 2013

We are about to begin Phase 1 of the internal tracer program. You can expect to see PHC staff conducting tracers in your areas and training to become ‘tracer experts’. These staff will be looking for evidence that will help them assess and understand where we stand against the standards.

We anticipate that we will learn much from this first exercise and will use this knowledge to improve our approach for Phase 2, Phase 3 and in the lead-up to the November survey.

If you have any further questions, comments or concerns, please contact Liz Flores, Accreditation Leader, at 604-682-2344 @66955 or on email: lflores@providencehealth.bc.ca