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Accreditation: Spotlight

Accreditation: Spotlight

Leading up to this year's survey, to take place November 24th to 29th, a new Accreditation theme will be in the spotlight every month.

Our Worklife/Workforce Theme focuses creating a culture of work life and physical environment that supports the safe delivery of care and service within PHC. It examines violence prevention, plans and training and our roles and responsibilities.

This theme contains four Required Organizational Practices (ROPs) that must be met in order to successfully complete Accreditation.

The four ROPs are:

1. Patient/Resident Safety Education and Training - Deliver patient/resident safety training and education at least annually to senior leaders, staff, services providers and volunteers, including education targeted to specific patient safety focus areas.

2. Patient/Resident Safety Plan - Develop and implement a patient/resident safety plan and implement improvements to patient/resident safety as required.

3. Workplace Violence Prevention - The organization implements a comprehensive strategy to prevent workplace violence.

4. Preventative Maintenance Program - Implement an effective preventative maintenance program for all medical devices, medical equipment and medical technology.

Your Role
It is important that you understand the Worklife/Workforce Theme and are able to respond to surveyors who may ask you about the processes we have in place to comply with the Worklife/Workforce ROPs.

In the weeks and months to come, further information on this year’s survey will be available on PHC Connect, PHC News and the new PHC Accreditation website (coming soon). Please direct questions about Accreditation to Liz Flores, leader, Accreditation, 778-875-0780,