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Accreditation - November 24 to 29, 2013

Accreditation - November 24 to 29, 2013

For the month of May, the acceditation theme is Infection Prevention/Control.  This theme focuses on reducing the risk of health service organization-acquired infection and their impact across the continuum of care/service. It examines how we adhere to infection control guidelines, track infection rates, sterilize equipment, carry out protocols for vaccinations and implement and audit hand hygiene practices

This theme contains five Required Organizational Practices (ROPs) that must be met in order to successfully complete Accreditation.

1. Infection Rates -The organization tracks infection rates, analyzes the information to identify clusters, outbreaks and trends, and shares this information throughout the organization.

2. Hand Hygiene Education and Training- The organization delivers hand hygiene education and training for staff, service providers and volunteers.

3. Hand Hygiene Audit - The organization evaluates its compliance with accepted hand hygiene practices.

4. Pneumococcal Vaccine - Develop and implement a policy and procedure for administration of the pneumococcal vaccine.

5. Sterilization Processes - Monitor processes for reprocessing equipment, and make improvements as appropriate.

Your Role

It is important that you understand the Infection Prevention & Control Theme and are able to
respond to surveyors who may ask you about the processes we have in place to comply with the Infection Prevention & Control ROPs.

For more information on Accreditation please contact Liz Flores, Leader, Accreditation