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24 hour availability of Laboratory at MSJ

24 hour availability of Laboratory at MSJ

Effective May 31st night shift, the laboratory at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital will operate 24 hours per day. A night shift will be added, ensuring that there is one laboratory technologist on site between 2400 and 0600.

How to use this service at night: Only STAT, urgent and timed testing will be performed at night. Order routine testing for morning rounds. Enter orders before 0500. The lab technologist will be on break between 0230-0300 and 0430-0500, during which time they will not answer the phone. Do not page the laboratory unless it is an emergency and you cannot reach the lab technologist by phone. Call 78266 first. If there is no answer in the lab, page 33921. Expected response time is less than 15 minutes.

Changes: Blood gasses ordered on night shift will be analyzed by the lab technologist instead of the respiratory therapist. Blood products will be issued by the lab technologist instead of nursing staff. Morning rounds will begin at 0600. Cut-off time to order testing for morning rounds changes to 0500 effective Wednesday, May 27th.
In the event that the laboratory must close at night due to staffing shortages: An email message will be sent to all staff and physicians stating the hours that the lab will be closed. A technologist will take the pager home, and on-call procedures will come into effect.

If you have questions, concerns or feedback about the new processes please contact Joanne Vlahovic, MSJ Lab Site Coordinator, at 78513 or Kat Martinuk at 68102.