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“Implementing Medication Reconciliation in a Large Organization”

“Implementing Medication Reconciliation in a Large Organization”

In an article appearing in Accreditation Canada’s Qmentum Quarterly journal, authors Susan Wannamaker, Vice President, Clinical and Systems Transformation for PHC and VCH, David Byres, Vice President, Acute Clinical Programs & Chief Professional Practice and Nursing for PHC; Fruzsina Pataky, Director, Lower Mainland Pharmacy Information Systems & Technology and Karin Trapnell, Medication Reconciliation - Regional Project Manager, detail the collaborative work that enabled VCH and PHC to successfully implement medication reconciliation (MedRec) on admission across the two organizations.

MedRec became a Required Organizational Practice for Accreditation Canada in 2006 as it reduces preventable adverse drug events and improves the safety and care of patients and residents.

Quoting from the article: “To ensure that the implementation of MedRec stayed on track and achieved the desired results, we used three metrics throughout the process – progress, performance, and outcomes. We measured the degree to which MedRec was implemented at VCH and PHC acute and residential care sites. In April 2011, MedRec was approximately 18% implemented in VCH’s acute care, and by April 2012, that figure had risen to 82%.” 

Qmentum Quarterly is a new avenue for sharing expertise, innovation, and leading practices across Canada. The publication provides a forum for health and social services organizations that are committed to learning about and improving quality and patient safety.

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