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Process for Reappointment

Process for Reappointment

Reappointment Process

Reappointment at BC Health Authorities are completed electronically. All Physicians, Dentists and Midwives use an online system to ensure standardized business processes across the province. You will receive an invitation to access the provincial credentialling system (CACTUS) to complete the reappointment.  Please remember to provide the requested documentation and complete any educational modules that are required.   

Physicians, Midwives and Dentists must meet with their Department Head (or delegate) to discuss their reappointment and have the forms signed by the beginning of May.  Reappointments are presented at the June MAC and Board meetings for recommendation and ratification. If a member of the medical staff fails to complete the reappointment process within the timeframe noted, they will be removed from the medical staff, and must complete the full application process.

Click here for the Relevant Sections of the Hospital Act and its Regulation and the Health Authorities Act for Medical Staff members